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How to search:

When you have found an earmarked cat it is crucial to make sure that the earmark is read correctly. Check whether the colour, sex and race correspond with the cat. Furthermore, you must consider whether the geographical distance seems likely.

If you receive more than one search result choose the newest entry. When contacting the cat’s presumed owner remember to introduce yourself politely and explain from where you have learned this information. You could have misread the earmark, or maybe the owner has failed to notify change of address.

What to know about reading an earmark: Try to gain the cat’s trust – preferably whit a snack – and have a good look at the inside of the cat’s ear. The earmark often becomes more visible if you rub a little butter in it. Point a small flashlight directly on the backside of the ear and read from the inside. Earmarks are easiest to read in the shade. Cats are often earmarked in both ears with the code written reversed. If some letters or numbers are difficult to read, try to compare them with those in the other ear.

The earmark itself is always 6 positions long. These are examples on common codes: ABC123 (present code) 3 letters followed by 3 numbers has been in use since 1984. R0R123 (earlier code) was in use until 1990.

Notice that some cats can be marked with unauthorized or foreign codes. Those codes can also be found in Danish Cat Register unless they are in conflict with the official ones.

Try different combinations. If the length is less than 6 positions insert an “X” after the last position. EX: AS46XX. Examples on foreign or unauthorized codes: 98ND12, 986612 or AS46.

Due to ISO standard chip codes consist of 16 numbers. The first number is a retailer’s number and is left out. Chip codes are therefore 15 positions long.

Older codes can consist of 10 or 12 positions and contain letters.

NB! If the code is shorter than 15 numbers, zeros are filled in first: EX: 00000IFIA2F4A4.

If the search is not useful or the information are outdated feel free to contact us.

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