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About Danish Cat Register

Danish Cat Register is administered by Denmark's largest cat organisation, Inges Kattehjem (Ingeís Cat Shelter), and is established in 1991. All earmarked and chipped cats are registered free of charge for the owner, and the register is nationwide. More than 25.000 new cats are registered each year, and the amount of owners who register online is increasing. Many people use our text message service which instantly connects the finder of a lost cat with its owner. Danish Cats Registerís philosophy is that the registration of the cat has to be free of charge, when the owner has been responsible enough to get his or her cat earmarked or chipped.

Danish Cat Register has joined the common European lost-and-found-service Europetnet. This means that you will be reunited with your cat, even if it gets lost abroad. Read more at www.europetnet.com

Welcome to Danish Cat Register. A safe choice.